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What others think you do:

Forward emails...... all day long

An average working day might look like this 

Today you are expected on location at a client’s office. They need your help badly to achieve the goals in the decided timelines. When you arrive, first thing you do is check on the actionlist which you shared yesterday.

Did everyone provide their input? No? You pick up the phone and get the answers ASAP. 

Shortly after, you have some scheduled meetings with stakeholders of the project. You inform them on the progress of things and pending actions. When returning at your desk you check your emails, whatsapp & slack messages, missed calls and you update your sheets and charts. 

Processes, templates, structure, helping and inspiring people to deliver, are the keywords people describe you with. The one person who gets everybody together and making sure people deliver on time in order to achieve goals. 

The dream team 

At Direct Impact, we all love working on projects together with the very best in Marketing Tech, Marketing Operations, Digital Marketing and Development. 

You will be part of multiple client-facing teams consisting of developers,, conversion specialists, data nerds, digital designers, online marketers, social advertising experts, copywriters and people with great sense of humor. (Some more than others ;))

What you actually do & how you get it done 

  • As our Project Manager you will lead multiple (Tech) projects for various clients.
  • That means: 
  • Including Direct Impact itself as the ultimate project management experimentation lab
  • You will own operational excellence for our customer projects
  • You will work with multiple people on multiple teams for multiple customers
  • You chase, search answers, stalk people, recap and chase some more
  • Demo’s, Gantt charts & roadmaps are your best friends
  • You make sure all stakeholders on all levels are fully up to speed. At all times. 
  • To you a project is like a complex jigsaw puzzle you want to solve ASAP
  • You share your insights, learnings and results
What your LinkedIn profile would read 

Constructive Rebellious Project Managing Ninja

What other people notice about you 


  • Are there for your team and our customers
  • Move fast - you’re bold and open
  • Lead by example, not by acting like a manager
  • Work together - it just works better
  • Show your style, lots of energy and a positive mindset
  • Value quality over quantity
  • Invest in people and 'pay it forward'

We are looking for: 

  • At least 2-3 years of project management experience. Preferably in a Tech related setting
  • Experience in Marketing Tech / Development / e-commerce / Recruitment is a big advantage
  • Experience in project manager roles (or similar) with internationally oriented companies
  • Someone who thrives on pragmatic solutions. Keeping things simple. We’re looking for people who think & act FAST.
  • You to further develop your talent by continuously learning and experimenting
  • You to unleash your passion and drive while taking full ownership for what you do
  • You to have excellent language skills in both Dutch and English
  • You to be gifted with a love for getting shit done
  • You to stick to your message in a way that strengthens professional relations 

A few reasons you want this job…. BAD! 

  • €4.000 - €5.000 salary
  • Superb training budget of € 2.500 per year. Yes, we want you to learn and and grow fast too!
  • 25 vacation days. Need more? That’s ok too, just ask and we make it happen. 
  • Commuting and travel allowance € 0,19 per km, NS Business Card or lease E-bike
  • All the stuff you need to make impact (laptop and phone)
  • All the stuff you need to have a private life (flexible working hours, work from home / clients office / coffee corner / ball pit @McDonald's etc, easy to reach office close to Utrecht city center)
  • All the stuff you need to have fun (nice colleagues, team events, table tennis, playstation etc)
  • All the stuff you need to feel good (daily team lunch, good coffee, fresh drinks in the fridge, spacious & light office)

Hear hear!

Interested to hear more about this offer (which you definitely can't refuse)?

Please call Jochem de Josselin de Jong at +316 43028468 or email via

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